We are extending recruitment for international EIT Food RIS Fellowships!

Due to the great interest in the project, we have decided to extend the deadline for submitting applications to March the 24th, 2024.

Students and graduates of various fields still have the opportunity to take part in paid internships in top companies in the agri-food industry. With EIT Food RIS Fellowships, students will gain professional experience, establish business network and develop their skills.

We would be grateful for informing students from your university about the extension of the recruitment deadline for EIT Food RIS Fellowships.

Please find attached a package of materials to be posted on the University’s information channels:

• information about internships and a banner – to be placed on the website/mailing,

• text and graphics – for use in Social Media.

More information could be found at: www.eitfood.eu/projects/eit-food-ris-fellowships

Hereby we invite you to participate in the EIT Food RIS Fellowships project.

New deadline for submitting applications: March the 24th, 2024.

Recruitment for paid EIT Food RIS Fellowships internships

Extended application date for international EIT Food RIS Fellowships