Mission and Vision.

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The Department of Physics actively participates in the development of the city of Osijek, the entire region and the Republic of Croatia with the mission of encouraging this development by organizing academic education of students and providing educational, scientific research and other intellectual services to all interested users, individuals and legal entities. The mission of the Department includes the organization and implementation of undergraduate and graduate university studies in the field of physics and informatics. Their work should create new knowledge and affirm the latest scientific knowledge and achievements of other domestic and international educational and research institutions and individuals and transfer this knowledge to students and business people in practice.


The Department of Physics of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek will continuously strive to form an educational and scientific research center of excellence in several branches of physics (radiation physics, statistical physics, condensed matter physics, atomic physics and educational physics) in order to become recognizable beyond the borders of Croatia. It is necessary to ensure an appropriate level of quality of education and scientific research through the implementation of the teaching process and to provide conditions for studying the optimal number of students and quality application of research.
The Department of Physics bases its vision of development on the tradition of constant investment in knowledge, the quality of education and the optimal application of new knowledge and technologies in a constantly changing environment. Prospective students, their families and employers expect quality technologically advanced lifelong learning tailored to the needs of the individual and the market.
Graduates of the Department will be sought as an excellent and widely educated staff competent to effectively solve problems within their scope. In the general public, the Department will be recognized as a socially responsible institution in the field of its scientific, educational and professional activities.

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