Education levels.

Physics Department / Department / Education levels

University Study

  1. Undergraduate Study (duration of three years) after which one acquires title Bachelor of Physics
  2. Graduate Study (duration of two years) after which one acquires title Master of Education in Physics and Informatics

The main reason for initiating the proposed study programmes is the study of physics as a fundamental science in conjunction with modern information technologies for needs of learning, as well as the continuing need for professors (teachers) of physics and informatics in elementary and secondary schools, also in various private schools of computer science and IT companies.

It should be noted that all recent rapid development of information technology and new techniques based on physics create a need for such education based on fundamental knowledge of physics, which slowly becomes obsolete. Explaining the study of modern technology and communication technologies by interpreting their physical basis, as well as teaching how to use modern information technologies in physics has need for educating such profile of experts, who can deal with the technological development as well as the challenges and demands of the labor market.

Basic knowledge can be acquired at the presented University Graduate Study of Physics and Informatics in specialist fields and also in so-called pedagogical and psychological group of study, which offer quality preparation for teaching and lifelong learning for the future teachers. Past experience shows that highly educated people with knowledge of physics find employment more quickly, not only in the system of elementary and secondary education.

The suggested University Undergraduate Study of Physics is comparable with all universities across Europe, where basic science is studied, and is comparable with methods for obtaining license for teaching in most EU countries, although in some of them the curriculum of the pedagogical and psychological subjects are acquired separately after the study for the title (eg. in Italy and United Kingdom).

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